WECO International of Flushing, Michigan prides itself for having several fully equipped electric infrared oven testing lab test ovens on-site. The test lab equipment has a variety of controlled infrared heaters and flexible ovens configurations to accommodate many applications. Our innovative on-site portable test stand ovens by Ceramicx give you fast, reliable, and consistent material testing.

Our infrared oven testing lab lets you quickly determine the most suitable type of emitter and heating distance you need for a specific material, with consistent results. Included with the test stand are a range of 3 different emitter types, each housed in a Ceramicx modified projector. When one of the selected emitter types is connected to begin testing, your material will heat when placed on the stand’s stainless steel mesh test plate.

Testing is one of the critical steps in developing a proper heating method and design for the process. Our infrared research and development test stand ovens allow the user to quickly determine the most suitable type of emitter and heating distance for a specific material, with consistent results due to the simple, repeatable test set up. With an easily adjustable height, the distance between emitter and material can be positioned between 50mm and 200mm, in 50mm intervals, for maximum testing range.

Our capabilities include:

  • Testing material for emitter selection
  • Testing for cycle times
  • Testing flash off
  • Testing to cure
  • Testing for adhesion
  • Testing for shrinkage
  • Testing forming
  • And many more

Testing at WECO can come with a full report showing the results. Contact us for an estimate. WECO can also have your material tested by the most advanced infrared technology on the market; the Herschel. Click here for more details on the Herschel.

Looking for an Infrared Research & Development Oven?

We offer custom-built R&D ovens to suit your testing requirements, your test oven will give you infrared heat with intuitive, precision control for testing accuracy.