WECO Infrared Heater Catalog & Automation Catalog

WECO has a culture of practicality and bringing together science and engineering principles. Our engineers have the know-how to solve seemingly difficult problems for our customers. We are a one-stop shop for Infrared Heat and Automation Components to meet your project needs.  WECO International distributes a wide range of industry-standard ceramic and quartz and quartz tungsten/quartz halogen elements and reflectors and projectors to complete projects. For specialist applications and materials testing, we can build industrial infrared ovens to almost any design and specification. Drawing on our vast knowledge, expertise, and experience in application engineering and heatwork development, our ovens are custom-built to precise customer needs using short, medium, or long-wave heating elements. Ceramicx Infrared technology enables the development of many process sectors, including packaging (thermoforming) and printing (drying and curing).

Most importantly, we understand that in the competitive market of the world today, both timing and quality are critical. Accordingly, we have proudly formed strategic alliances with local automation manufacturers such as SCE to complement the WECO family of products.

WECO is here to “Put the Pieces Together”, check out our infrared heater catalog and automation components catalog below.

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WECO Infrared Heater Catalog

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WECO Automation Catalog

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WECO Comfort Infrared Catalog