Testing Ovens

WECO International has a fully equipped electric infrared oven testing lab.

We are firm believers in testing material before selecting an emitter.

Our capabilities include:

  • Testing material for emitter selection
  • Testing for cycle times
  • Testing flash off
  • Testing to cure
  • Testing for adhesion
  • Testing for shrinkage
  • Testing forming
  • And many more

Testing at WECO can come with a full report showing the results. Contact us for an estimate.

WECO can also have your material tested by the most advanced infrared technology on the market; the Herschel. Click here for more details on the Herschel. Contact us for an estimate.

Testing Ovens

Want a test oven of your own?

We also sell test ovens which include 1 PAS and come in long wave ceramic or medium wave quartz.

Contact us for more information.