WECO International has a fully equipped electric infrared oven testing lab.

We are firm believers in testing material before selecting an emitter. Our advanced infrared oven testing services can help ensure you choose the best heat applications possible.

Over one hundred years after its discovery the world of Infrared (IR) heating – a spectrum of radiant energy – is still much misunderstood and misapplied. The opportunities for clean and green IR technology are simply waiting in the wings; the current challenge is to raise the world’s adoption of this valuable energy source – in industry and in society at large. Sometimes described as “sunshine without light” the IR heating sector, although ubiquitous, has in times past perhaps suffered for the “invisible” nature of the energy spectrum.

The Ceramicx Herschel test instrument has now radically changed that perception. Launched in 2013 The Herschel machine test instrument is now a part of daily life at the company, and is at the heart of the company’s heat work laboratories in the new factory. In partnership with Trinity College Dublin, Ceramicx took the Herschel project to fruition in order to further establish empirical science and provable method in the measurement and management of the IR heat spectrum. The machine is a world first in IR test instrumentation: It literally brings research matters into the light by mapping and measuring the previously invisible IR energy field in 3D space. Making the IR heat spectrum visible in this way cannot be understated. In March 2017 the Herschel won Ireland’s Collaborative Research Impact Award under the Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) initiative, beating competitors such as Intel Ireland,
Microsoft Ireland and DCU.

WECO can have your material tested by the most advanced infrared technology on the market; the Herschel. Click here for more details on the Herschel. Contact us for an estimate.

Our capabilities include:

  • Testing material for emitter selection
  • Testing for cycle times
  • Testing flash off
  • Testing to cure
  • Testing for adhesion
  • Testing for shrinkage
  • Testing forming
  • And many more

Testing at WECO can come with a full report showing the results. Contact us for an estimate.

Testing Ovens - infrared oven testing services

Want a test oven of your own?

We also sell test ovens which include 1 PAS and come in long wave ceramic or medium wave quartz.

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