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Since 1972, WECO International has been supplying world class infrared oven products to a vast array of industries and companies both large and small. Contact us today for more information on our standard infrared industrial ovens. Our range of products includes standard size platens, Fast IR’s and PAS’s.

At WECO, we have a culture of practicality and bringing together science, engineering principals and know-how to solve seemingly difficult problems. We are a one-stop shop. If you have a problem with the application of heat to an industrial process or product we can design and build the heater, design and build the solution and apply full HMI if necessary. We are great believers in offering you the customer “as much as necessary but as little as possible” to solve your problem.

Infrared Heating Platens

These infrared heating oven platens can operate with Ceramic or Quartz emitters. Designed with thermoforming in mind, these are ideal for infrared furnace ovens.

WECO is focused on solving your heating problems. We stock a range of infrared platens which are custom built to fit your thermoforming machine. These infrared platens can operate with either Ceramic or Quartz infrared emitters. Ideal for furnace infrared ovens, these custom infrared ovens are designed with thermoforming heating control systems in mind. The variations in platen size and element type available depend on the area to be heated and the application or target material involved.

Short wave halogen heating platen - Industrial Ovens

Short Wave Halogen Heating Platen

Long wave ceramic heating platen - Industrial Ovens

Long Wave Ceramic Heating Platen

Focused Infrared Platen

Focused Infrared Platen

FastIR Infrared Heating Systems

The compact FAST IR infrared heat robust systems form an ideal installation solution for quartz infrared heating elements. High efficiency is reached by polished aluminum steel reflection and axial flow fans which eliminate rear convention losses and keep the reflectors cool. This results in better directional quality on the infrared output. The body of the FAST IR infrared heat systems, made from aluminum, can maintain a “touch safe” temperature.

FastIR 305 Oven

FastIR 305

Dimensions: 305 x 305mm
Tubes supplied separately.

Suitable for the fitting of 4 or 5 x 1000W Quartz tungsten/halogen heaters (QTM/QHM)

Please note other configurations are available on request.

FastIR 305 Back - Industrial Ovens
Fan view
FastIR 500 Heat System

FastIR 500

Dimensions: 500 x 500mm
Tubes supplied separately.

Suitable for the fitting of 6 or 7 x 2000W Quartz tungsten/halogen heaters (QTL/QHL)

Please note other configurations are available on request.

FastIR 500 Heat System Back - Industrial Ovens
Fan view