Infrared Heat Elements

Solving Industrial and Engineering Heating Applications

At WECO, we understand that your heating project may require a unique custom solution. Often, this involves combining several of our infrared heater components into a single solution. WECO engineers are ready to advise on the architecture and elements required to apply infrared heat to your project in the best way for you. Your infrared heater solution may be best suited to a peak long-wave length element (ceramic), medium wave length element (quartz cassette) or short wave length element (quartz halogen/tungsten). Your custom solution may even combine many types of infrared heating elements together.

Browse our case studies to learn how the talented engineers at WECO work. We often face unique and complicated problems. Our engineers are always happy to work with you to perfect the application of infrared heat to meet each and every challenge. No matter the project, we are ready to design the best solution for you.

Infrared Heater Elements


Looking for a complete oven?

We sell complete oven solutions for long-wave length elements, medium-wave length elements and short-wave length elements. We also design custom ovens for products as small as contact lenses and as big as swimming pools.
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