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WECO engineers spend a great deal of it time and expertise solving heat application challenges for infrared heaters. Customers often call on us with their application engineering problems. We help with everything from infrared elements for thermoforming to custom infrared ovens, infrared furnaces, infrared panel heaters and heaters for industrial processing. WECO advises on infrared heating issues from platen replacements, to cooking chickens, to the development of heaters for blood centrifuges, to testing the cowlings of jet turbines and much more.

When correctly applied, infrared heating elements manufactured by Ceramicx never fail to perform consistently. IR heat in manufacturing creates energy efficiency with impressive fast heat-up time for the ceramic heaters. Manufacturers also find our IR heaters easy to work with. They reach and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the manufacturing process.

WECO has a culture of practicality and bringing together science, engineering principals and know-how to solve seemingly difficult problems. We are a one-stop shop. If you have a problem with the application of heat to an industrial process or product we can design and build the heater and provide testing services. WECO is here to “Put the Pieces Together”, contact us today.

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