Food Technology

Heating and Cooking With Infrared Technology

WECO’s infrared technology is enabling the development of many process sectors, including precision heating and cooking for the food technology. Whether your needs are a conveyor oven to bake your products or keeping food at  proper temperature on a delicatessen counter, our infrared engineers will help design the proper solution for your heating needs.

WECO supplies award-winning IR heat technology to the world’s leading food producing companies. The reason is simple: IR heat sources reduce both running cost and carbon footprint. A retrofit system from WECO typically reduces energy consumption on a production line by some 40% and can increase production by as much as 20%. The world of food technology is fast-changing as companies become more responsive to consumers, more conscious of energy-cost and environmental needs.

WECO can help:

  • Redesign and rebuild food production systems
  • Provide superior heat sources for cooking and warming
  • Provide fast turnaround and payback improvements
Cooking Food
IR Conveying Oven