Reptile Heating

Looking for the best reptile heater bulb? Look no further than our ceramic infrared heat bulb for reptiles and more

Keeping your reptile buddy’s habitat warm is often crucial for their health and comfort you want the best reptile heater bulb for that.  These ceramic infrared heat emitters (for E27 sockets) can help.

These 60 watt ceramic, black bulbs emit infrared heat. No more worrying about your pet getting too cold from shutting off their lamp at night. Inversely, no more worrying about your pet not getting any rest from keeping their current lamp on at night. These ceramic infrared heat emitters are ideal for regulating your pet’s habitat temperature 24 hours a day. When night time comes around, there is no light to keep your pet from getting rest and they will be comfortable.

Sometimes, certain lighting can be hazardous to a reptile. Since no light is produced from these heat emitters, the infrared heat provided from them is enough to keep the animal happy and healthy.

WECO promises these bulbs are not only safe and effective when used correctly, they are also economically friendly as well. You will save money in the long run!

Purchase a 60 watt ceramic heat emitter for only $6 plus shipping. Contact us today to place your order.

Ceramic Heat Emitter Box

Black Infrared Ceramic Heat Emitter
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