Automotive Industry

Strong and Lighter Automotive Components Using Automotive Infrared Manufacturing

The world’s automotive industries continue to drive down production cost and increase user performance. Light-weighted and stronger modern materials are enabling this evolution. WECO International is contributing to the new manufacturing processes that are driving change. Automotive infrared manufacturing has several roles to play; in the forming, preforming, drying, bonding, and annealing of various automotive materials and components, and in the production of various automotive parts and structures. WECO’s Ceramicx heat technology is involved in all areas.

WECO solutions can provide:

  • IR forming, preforming, drying, curing, adhesive and bonding solutions for automotive companies in all major materials – plastics, glass and metal.
  • Design and build ovens – drape forming or thermoforming – for production of larger automotive parts.
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Automotive Bonding