Aerospace Composite Engineering

Molding Components for Airplanes and Rockets

On wings of innovation, the age of metal has long passed for today’s aerospace industries.

As a result, composite structures are now the norm. WECO International has extensive experience in serving major producers in the aerospace industry. Our engineers rise to the technical challenges of aerospace part production. For instance, check out the new Ceramicx drape forming oven – developed with Belfast Metropolitan College. This oven is an example of our innovation that has been spurred by working with aerospace clients. The aerospace production sector has always needed to solve production issues. Innovation with size and scale is particularly important for wingspan and fuselage. In response, our infrared heat technology now gives the industry new options in plane design and construction.

WECO works with aerospace clients to provide; Infrared based production solutions, typically involving aerospace composite engineering structures, new-oven build and bespoke drying/curing technology.

Aerospace Adjustable Watt Emitter - Infrared Heat Technology
Aerospace Drape Forming Seats

Case Study: Custom Industrial Furnace for Private Aerospace Company

R&D oven for spaceflight manufacturer - heating solutions

The custom industrial furnace, lined with high-heat elements, upon delivery at our client’s site

Our client is a private aerospace industry manufacturing and spaceflight company. They contacted WECO International, in tandem with Ceramicx, to create a custom industrial furnace. Our client pioneers innovative materials to protect an orbital module from extreme heat. Therefore, WECO’s test furnace solution needed to be capable of generating heat in excess of 2,000º F. This high heat replicated the conditions of atmospheric reentry in a controlled setting.  Prior to our collaboration, the ability to test the efficiency and durability of those materials in-house was lacking. Therefore, WECO programmed and tested the components to ensure furnace efficiency and total client satisfaction. At completion, a furnace lined with specially designed heating elements, two observation ports and matching specific heat control systems made its debut at our client’s facility.