Aerospace Solutions

Molding Components for Airplanes and Rockets

On wings of innovation the age of metal has long passed for today’s aerospace industries.

Composite structures are now the norm. WECO International has extensive experience of serving major producers in this industry and of rising to the technical challenges of part production. The new Ceramicx drape forming oven – developed with Belfast Metropolitan College – is one instance of innovation that has been spurred by work with aerospace clients. The aerospace production sector has always needed to solve production issues involving size and scale, particularly in wingspan and fuselage. Our infrared heat technology now gives the industry new options in plane design and construction.

WECO works with aerospace clients to provide; Infrared based production solutions, typically involving composite structures, new-oven build and bespoke drying/curing technology

Aerospace Adjustable Watt Emitter
Aerospace Drape Forming Seats