Infrared Across All Industries

From Egg Incubation to Forming Wind Turbine Blades

Look around your location, what items and components were formed using infrared heat? Your hot lunch stays warm at the delicatessen counter thanks to infrared heat, the electronics in your computer are bonded and formed using infrared heat, your car’s interior was formed using infrared and the even the airplanes flying over head have a fuselage manufactured using infrared technology.

WECO engineers work with clients everyday to help them determine which oven technology will meet their industry’s needs efficiently and affordably. From heating parts the size of a contact lens to creating parts the size of a swimming pool, we have the solution to your needs.


Process Application Equipment Industry
Curing and Forming Coating, Polymer Production, Enamelling Various Furnace Types, Ovens, Kilns, Lehrs, Infrared, UV, Electron Beam, Induction Ceramics, Stone, Glass, Primary Metals, Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber
Forming Extrusion, Moulding Various Ovens and Furnaces Rubber, Plastics, Glass
Drying Water and Organic Compound Removal Fuel-Based Dryers, Infrared, Resistance, Microwave, Radio-Frequency Stone, Clay, Petroleum Refining, Agricultural and Food, Pulp and Paper, Textile
Fluid Heating Food Preparation, Chemical Production,
Reforming, Distillation, Cracking, Hydrotreating, Vis-breaking
Various Furnace Types, Reactors, Resistance
Heaters. Microwave, Infrared, Fuel-based Fluid Heaters, Immersion Heaters
Agricultural and Food, Chemical Manufacturing, Petroleum Refining
Heating and Melting,
Softening, Liquefying, Warming Ovens, Infrared, Microwave, Resistance Plastics, Rubber, Food, Chemicals
Metals Reheating Forging, Rolling, Extruding, Annealing, Galvanizing, Coating, Joining Various Furnace Types, Ovens, Kilns, Heaters, Reactors, Induction, Infrared Primary Metals, Fabricated Metal Products
Other Heating Processes Food Production (including Baking Roasting
and Frying) Sterilisation, Chemical Production
Various Furnace Types, Ovens, Reactors,
and Resistance Heaters. Microwave, Steam,
Induction, Infrared
Agriculturaland Food, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics and Rubber, Chemicals