Customer Testimonials

“Following the very positive experience I am having with the WECO infrared radiant heater in my personal workshop, I decided to order two more to help with a cold office at my place of employment.  We started out installing just one unit and were pleasantly surprised to find out that one unit is all that will be required.  I am very happy with the performance.  A note about my personal workshop unit – it is performing flawlessly after more three months of use.  Operating in conjunction with the Honeywell RLV4305A thermostat recommended by WECO, the temperature is maintained exactly where I set it.  The “standby” setting on the thermostat holds the temperature at 42F to prevent freezing when the shop is not in use.  I was concerned about what my electric bill might look like living in Wisconsin.  The January bill rose by $40.00 with the heater left on 24/7.  All in all, I am very pleased with these infrared units from WECO and am looking for places to install more – patio, garage, etc.  I recommend the units to everyone who asks about them.”

-Chuck Kostichka, Director of Property, Badgerland Council, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin

“I want to thank WECO for providing a fine product that has performed beyond what I hoped for and customer service second to none.  I have never used infrared heating before, but after doing extensive online research it was the route I decided to take to heat my woodworking shop. During the shopping process, I found WECO to be the best price by far.  My order arrived in just a couple of days.  The equipment was well-protected in its packaging.  The first thing that impressed me after opening the package was the apparent quality of the heater.  I had several questions about installation and selection of a programmable thermostat along the way.  Lori responded to my questions promptly, usually within a couple of hours.  She provided all the information I needed including diagrams and tech information.  My CIR3-1950/240-SW is now in place and operating.  The unit is rated for a 12′ x 12′ area, but I am comfortable heating my well-insulated 16′ x 16 shop with the one unit.  I cannot say enough good things about the soft, gentle heat and silent operation.  I wish I has known about these units before installing an LP garage heater in my last shop. Well done, WECO!  Thank you for a most pleasant buying experience.  And especially thank you to Lori for making everything run smoothly!”

-Chuck Kostichka

“I hooked up my heater per instructions. The CIR2-1300/115 works AWESOME! I cannot believe the heat it puts out and the comfort.  Thank you for a great product”.

-Chuck K. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

The US remains our number one market and Ceramicx is fortunate enough to have a partner there in WECO International whose watchwords include persistence, determination and integrity. In truth it is these qualities that are now seeing US manufacturing through. That, together with a new leap of imagination that sees US manufacturers finally taking the energy-saving message on board.

-Frank Wilson, Ceramicx