Pizza Cheese Melter

Multi Zone Infrared Commercial Oven

Pizza Cheese Melter
The three-zone platen infrared oven after completion.

Supplier: WECO International
Client: Detroit based frozen pizza manufacturer
Industry: Food
Location: North America


This client was having trouble maintaining food quality and production efficiency with outdated equipment. The prior oven had half the number of elements. This was heavily hindering possible production. A new three-zone infrared commercial pizza oven replaced the old oven. The three zones of ceramic heating elements will allow for more precise heat control.

Client Challenge:

With our client being in the food industry, it’s important that their product remains consistent in appearance and overall quality. However, it’s also important that it can be produced at a fast rate. Because of these problems, the client decided they wanted to replace the under performing oven with something more modern and efficient. WECO International was able to easily provide the necessary upgrades needed to meet the needs of the client.

An old oven with a multi-directional platen system was eating up energy. On top of that, it was extremely inefficient. Heavily lowering the amount of energy being used by the oven and increasing the output were our priorities.

Our Solution:

Infrared Heating Elements
The infrared heating elements.

We decided to replace the old oven and old oven controls with new ones. After figuring out what the client was looking for, food grade, fully stainless and aluminized equipment was installed. This will be easier to clean and function a lot better. With that came new longer-lasting elements rated to last 20k hours. They also have a high range in wattage. As a result, the client will have better and more precise heat control. The three-zone system also uses less energy than the previous system did. Finally, the client can now be worry free of the stand-alone oven.


With the new oven and controls now in place, the client has experienced an increase in productivity and an increase in food quality. We recognize the need for quick production and excellent food quality in the business of our client. This is why we try hard to exceed expectations with the client’s best interest in mind. We were very pleased to work on this commercial pizza oven project.

As a result, energy consumption on the new oven system is minimized significantly. This is thanks to the equipment being controllable. No more wasted energy with multi-directional heat. So, our client will be able to use the power controls to yield higher quantity and quality at a reduced overall cost in terms of energy consumption.

We try very hard to ensure satisfaction with each client. With this project, everything went smoothly and the client is seeing the benefits from the work provided by WECO professionals. Higher production yield and better quality product, as well as reduced energy waste, saving money in the long run.