Standard and Custom Transformers

Powertran Automation Solutions

Powertran TransformersAt WECO, we have proudly formed alliances with local manufacturers such as Powertran to compliment our range of products and offerings. Powertran has been manufacturing quality electrical products since 1956. Based out of Ferndale, MI their product offering includes a full stock line of single and three phase control, isolation and motor drive transformers along with AC/DC Power Supplies & Disconnects.

Powertran is pleased to offer the ability to manufacture custom products to meet almost any application requirements outside of its stock product selection. Powertran prsvidea standard and custom transformers for our heating solutions.

Powertran Automation Solutions

Single Phase Open Transformers

Stock Open (Inside Control Panel) Transformers

• Powertran Single Phase Open Transformers
• All Copper Windings
• 50/60 Hertz
• 55 Degree C Rise
• 100% Tested. Standard and Custom Voltages

Stock Open Transformers

Single Phase Enclosed Transformers

Stock Enclosed (Outside Control Panel) Transformers

Single Phase Enclosed Transformers
• Powertran Single Phase Enclosed Transformers
• All Copper Windings • 50/60 Hertz
• 55 Degree C Rise • Encapsulated Construction
• 100% Tested
• Standard and Custom Voltages

Three Phase Enclosed Transformers
• Powertran Three Phase Enclosed Transformers
• Aluminum Wound (Copper Available)
• 60 Hertz (50 and 400 Hertz Available)
• 150 Degree Rise (80 or 115 Available)
• Standard and Custom Voltages
• Standard and Custom Enclosures

Stock Enclosed Transformers

Specialty Transformers

Custom Open (Inside Control Panel) Transformers
Control Transformers
Technology: Provides small capacity of power to control circuits.
Application: Mounted within Control Panel / Control Cabinet
• Control Transformers (100VA -15000VA) and Autotransformers (1-Phase and 3-Phase)
• Power Transformers (up to 10 MVA) and Distribution Transformers (3 – 1000 KVA)
• Voltage-Matching Transformers
• Drive Isolation Transformers (1 – 1000 HP)
• UL,cUL and/or CE Approvals (upon request)
• NEMA-1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 Enclosure Ratings
Product Details

Transformer Disconnects

Transformer Disconnects

• NEMA-1 or NEMA-12 Enclosed Power Sources and Power-On Pilot Light Standard
• Provides Safe Auxiliary Power (within control panel)
• Primary And Secondary Fuse Standard (circuit breaker optional)
• 15 Amp Duplex Receptacle Standard (GFCI receptacle optional) and 200 kAIC Interrupting Disconnect Switch Standard

Transfomer Disconnects

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