Welding and Adhesives

Infrared Heat Provides the Perfect Bond

Our infrared heat technology is used to weld and fuse materials together, creating rock-stable joints or powerful hybrid material structures. Infrared heat systems can be applied in a stationary work setting in order to bond diverse parts together via complex glues and adhesives. This technology is in demand because of the high value it adds automotive and aerospace industries.

WECO infrared heating can also be used in-line, in a manufacturing process to bond various materials together, such as plastic-to-metal or plastic-to-rubber. This creates strong and versatile products that are found in many sectors including engineering and construction industries. The ‘energetic’ element involved in infrared heat exchange is often able to produce bonding and material changes at a chemical level – outperforming the parameters of conventional heating.

WECO Infrared heating for bonding and adhesion provides:

○ Predictable and stable heat processes (tested by oven test instruments such as the Herschel)

○ A deeper, more stable fusion between materials; involving both temperature and chemical reactions

Plastics Welding and Adhesives
Spot Welding and Adhesives