High Speed Plastics Themoforming

Creating the Finished Package

WECO uses infrared heaters that increase thermoforming efficiency and make thermoforming profitable for you. WECO thermoforming solutions are typically supplied as a retrofit heat system for production lines making Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

The popularity of the our infrared solutions are growing, since average energy savings of 40% along with up to 20% productivity improvement are possible and payback time is measured in months.

The plastics thermoforming industry is often accused of being energy intensive and inaccurate compared to plastics injection molding but WECO industrial heat consultants have the expertise to supply thermoforming replacement heaters to thousands of thermoformers worldwide – saving the industry millions and improving thermoforming line efficiency in the process.

Thermoforming heating control systems produce a host of other benefits:

  • Major reduction in capital equipment wear and tear
  • Like-for-like infrared for tubular replacements
  • Elimination of ‘hot box’ tubular problems
  • No need for changes in control or instrumentation
  • Poor performing infrared to be replaced with superior platens
  • Savings in directional heat
  • Better resulting product quality
  • Improved set up time and tool change time
  • More complex parts possible
  • Cooling requirements also reduced
  • Matching of heating control systems to polymers being processed
  • Improved environment for operators

Industrial Infrared Thermoforming Heating Systems Case Studies:

Santa Fe Custom Skylights Acrylics Thermoforming

A 300 watt hollow ceramic infrared heating emitter mounted in polished aluminized steel reflectors solution met power constraints and met the goal of adjusting temperatures for heavier acrylics.Read More

Thermoforming Heating System Upgrade

A tier 1 automotive supplier needed uniformity of heat to ensure repeatability and consistency of product. WECO designed and built a top and bottom infrared heating system using HTE long wave ceramic heaters.Read More

International Food Service Packaging Producer

WECO engineers succeeded in reducing the client’s overall plastics thermoforming oven length by half – resulting in immediate energy savings for their food packaging thermoforming lines.Read More

Custom Industrial Furnace for Private Aerospace Company

A private aerospace industry manufacturing and spaceflight company was in need of a custom industrial furnace capable of generating heating in excess of 2,000º F, replicating the conditions of atmospheric reentry.Read More

Thermoforming Ovens Upgrade for Custom Appliance Maker

A tailor made “Rotary Machine” multi-zone thermoforming oven was engineered with high-temperature heat emitters. The zone-specific oven was paired to a one-off Ethernet-enabled multi-channel heat controller.Read More

Bonding Automotive Interiors Using Infrared Heating Systems

A sight to see and a marvel to watch at work – check out the custom engineered system of IR quartz tungsten tubes designed for bonding automotive interiors suited the intricate and exact shapes that the customer wanted.Read More