Highest Temperature Performance Furnace Ovens

Ideal Elements for Manufacturing That Demand High Temperatures and High Energy Performance Systems

WECO International has extensive experience in building high temperature furnace ovens for the manufacturing of materials such as toughened glass and high-value composites. The performance of such furnace elements is key – and WECO has developed its own unique product for use in such applications.

The ribbon surface enables a radiant emissivity of 0.60 which is the same as steel. The background surface of ceramic insulation provides a value of 0.95. Due to the High Watt density of the product it is possible to provide a great deal of energy within a short space. The heat transfer capability of this heater is therefore best utilized when the energy output is contained in a ‘hot box’.

The furnace platen control is dependent on the control of the radiant infrared energy. The exposed materials on the surface of the heater allow for high ambient operational conditions. WECO does not recommend this heater for close control values with the application of radiant energy. Our engineers are happy to advise if you have questions about the correct solution for your heating needs.

High Watt Furnace Oven
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